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Agile an Unexpected Journey Interviews

Agile an Unexpected Journey Interviews, with Mika Siitari, Grace Johnson, Craig Cockburn, Sabrina C E Bruce, Evelyn Lekhtman and Karl Smith.
Agile an Unexpected Journey Interviews relate to the book written by Matt Turner, Myles Hopkins, Mika Siitari, Grace Johnson, Gail Ferreira, Craig Cockburn, Sabrina C E Bruce, Evelyn Lekhtman, Mark Walsh and Karl Smith. And asks five basic questions about people’s Agile Journey. How exactly did people get involved in Agile, what did then learn that galvanised them and propelled them into a career in it? This compendium of Agile Biographies by practitioners expresses their experiences and their vision for the future. Without editing the Agile Practitioners will answer the same five questions listed below. 
  1. How did you hear about Agile and how did you first get involved? 
  2. What was your first experience of applying Agile and what did you learn? 
  3. How has your experience and practice of Agile evolved? 
  4. Can you share any pivotal work or case studies? 
  5. Where do you go from here?

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