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State of Agile Culture Survey 2023
Change Tactics with April K. Mills
Agile Book Launch Agile World Better English Season 4

Change Tactics with April K. Mills Agile World Better English S04 E04

You’re a change agent as we all are. April K. Mills shares her useful new book Change Tactics: 50 Ways Change Agents Boldly Escape the Status Quo.

April will make you laugh as we discuss nukes, hugs, the Theory of Constraints, and how we can all change the world for a better place to live.

April K. Mills, is an international consultant and author of Everyone is a Change Agent and Change Tactics. She was a civilian U.S. Navy nuclear engineer and founded Engine-for-Change LLC. John Kotter praised April’s work as pioneering and incorporated it into his 2016 book, Accelerate.  She has consulted with technology, transportation, and energy companies and is a keynote speaker at Agile, Lean, Theory of Constraints, and program and change management events.

In “Change Tactics”, you’ll find 50 ways change agents like you can boldly escape the status quo to create successful, sustainable change. April K. Mills, author of “Everyone is a Change Agent”, provides practical tactics you can use today to:-Energize yourself and your change.

Discover the hidden change agents all around you.

  • Eliminate common change frustrations.
  • Spread joy within and through your change.
  • Assess your change efforts and build trust.

In a time when Gartner says 50% of changes were clear failures, you can join a growing numbers of outstanding change agents who’ve decided to change tactics. Whether you’re a new project manager getting started with change, or a seasoned professional looking for your next great tip to accelerate your results, “Change Tactics” has what you need.

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