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Wicked Problems on Agile World News with Joanne Stone, Cynthia Kahn and Steve Moubray
Agile World Better English Season 3

Wicked Problems with Joanne Stone S3 E11

Agile World News Better English with our hosts Cynthia Kahn and Steve Moubray talk with “Wicked” Joanne Stone and how’s she’s applying Agility to Wicked Problems.

From the moon to vaccines, learn how Wicked Problems are whipped into shape by unleashing Wicked Teams to create Wicked Solutions. Wicked Problems are gnarly issues, which can’t be solved by one person alone, have many solutions and many symptoms (for example, Covid, Climate, Poverty …). They are complex and need a sensing, iterative and adaptive approach. The same approach that we as Agilists have applied to our teams and organizations for a generation.

Who is “Wicked” Joanne Stone?

She wants to solve Wicked Problems by applying agility in communities and at work.

Her hope is to bring communities and organizations together to make a larger impact on the world. She firmly believes, as Agilists we want to do more and start using our skills to engage with Wicked Problems by creating wickedly awesome teams and leaders.

Joanne wears many hats, an Agile Coach, Business Agility Coach, Enterprise Coach, Transformation Coach, Leadership Coach, Relationship Coach, Leader and Mom of 4 amazing ladies. As an accomplished leader, she uses skill and experience to create wickedly awesome teams and leaders, where team members feel like they belong, and the team makes a difference.

Are you interested in Wicked Problems and Agile? Contact Joanne. She’s offering a series of workshops and interviews around wicked teams, wicked leaders, and wicked individuals. Look for an event on “Wicked Work” around Feb/Mar 2022! You can bring your wicked problems about individuals, teams or leaders. She would love to see you there. Let’s keep moving and let’s stay wicked!

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