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Participatory Budgeting with Luke Hohmann
Agile World Better English Season 4

Participatory Budgeting, Luke Hohmann, Agile World News Better English s04 e08

Participatory Budgeting allows students to use a real money budget and work together to create better education. Luke Hohmann joins the Agile World Better English crew to discuss the new venture, First Root, and how students across America and soon the world, can learn about money, budgeting, and create a better learning experience.

Luke Hohmann, discusses his agile journey from his days as a competitive ice skater to Innovation Games and how a new venture, First Root uses Participatory Budgeting to change the lives of 1,000s of students. By apply game theory and creating interactive participation, budgeting can now be done by students in real-world situations. These same principles have been applied by some of the largest organizations in history for Lean Portfolio Management.

FirstRoot has built the world’s first platform for Participatory Budgeting in Schools. This brings a democratic process to budgeting and encourages real conversations between diverse groups of people. Everyone who wants to participate in budgeting can bow have a voice.

Endorsed by the United Nations, Participatory Budgeting is used by thousands of schools around the world to teach financial literacy, civics, and design thinking.


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