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Agile World Better English Season 3

Agile World Better English Version Opening Act

Agile World News is expanding to multiple versions of English. The founders and original hosts, Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith wanted someone to aid a much larger group of English speakers engage with Agile World and asked Cynthia Kahn and Steve Moubray for help. It’s unknown if people had trouble understanding Sabrina and Karl or not but the requests for a different sounding English continued to roll in.
Cynthia Kahn and Steve Moubray are staging this intervention on behalf of the Better English speakers from around the world. Their show will be taking over from here and they have joined the team in the hope of leading them to freedom
In the first ever episode of Better English Agile World News, the tables are turned on Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith as they’re asked the difficult questions of “Why” they do what they do. Not only will you get to see Sabrina and Karl squirm while sitting in the hot seat, but you’ll gain valuable insight in why these two are giving back to the Agile Community and created Agile World News Podcast.
If you’d like to help them in this heroic effort please contact them here, FREEDOM!
Agile World magazine show with Cynthia Kahn and Steve Moubray on YouTube. 
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