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Gender Inclusion is a Business Imperative
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Gender Inclusion is a Business Imperative, Agile World S3 E8

Gender Inclusion is a Business Imperative on Agile World with our hosts Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith talk with Padmini Nidumolu men hold 62% of management and leadership positions while women just 38%. Many companies are unaware that there is a problem, here Padmini shares really interesting facts about the Business Imperative so many company fail to gain for their organisations.
Padmini Nidumolu is a results driven, collaborative and passionate Enterprise Lean transformation coach. Gender Inclusion is a Business Imperative for her and as a lifelong learner with a strong commitment to the Lean Agile community, she co-created “Lean In Agile” for Women which is an initiative to amplify the voices of women and celebrate the journeys of thought leaders. She is a mentor, trainer and a speaker. Her expertise and focus is in building learning organizations and delivering value by leveraging diversities as enablers leading to an enterprise culture of continuous improvement.
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