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Peter Stevens Personal Agility on Agile World
Agile World in English Season 3

Interviewing Peter Stevens about Personal Agility S3 E1

Agile World with our hosts Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith interviewing Peter Stevens about Personal Agility on Agile World. He is the creator of The Personal Agility System ™, the simple framework for doing more that matters.

It was fun interviewing Peter Stevens but also incredibly insightful, he offers a great opportunity to really think about we are doing and properly priorities our lives. People are using Personal Agility to beat procrastination, to create a genuine partnership with their spouses and to take control of their lives!

You can contact Peter on LinkedIn or through the Personal Agility Institute website.


Agile World magazine show with Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith on YouTube. Agile World is a spin off from the The Agile20Reflect Festival now called Access Agile and affirms its commitment to a Global Agile Community.

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