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Agile World interviewing Anthony Coppedge
Agile World Season Two Anthony Coppedge

Interviewing Anthony Coppedge on Agile World S2 E10

Agile World with our hosts Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith interviewing Anthony Coppedge about how he adopted Agile as if was made for how he was already thinking and how that excites him in his ways of working and in working with colleagues.

Anthony coaches Sales & Marketing leaders and their teams on how to manage the tension between planned and unplanned work so they can deliver greater value for their organizations.

The teams I’ve worked with begin to get unstuck from their previous experience in weeks, not months. This short-term successes motivate teams, to continuously improve for better long-term outcomes.

Agile World interviewing Anthony Coppedge

Excited to have been interviewing Anthony Coppedge and look we look forward to the next time he can join us, thank you Anthony.
Agile World magazine show with Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith on YouTube. Agile World is a spin off from the The Agile20Reflect Festival now called Access Agile and affirms its commitment to a Global Agile Community.
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