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2021 Agile Culture Survey on Agile World
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2021 Agile Culture Survey

2021 Agile Culture Survey

Agile world interviews the organisations behind the largest ever global report on Agile culture: JCURV, the Agile Business Consortium and Truthsayers. We dive into why the 2021 Agile Culture Survey is so important, the innovative neuroscience approach that supports it, some of the key insights from last year’s report and how it will be bigger and better this year.

You can find the 2020 State of Agile Culture report here –

You can participate in this year’s report here


JCURV is an award-winning consultancy with a mission is to increase the agility of organisations to they can thrive in an increasingly changing and uncertain world. We do this by introducing agile ways of working, at enterprise-level, at Board-level through to the frontline in order to rapidly solve business challenges whilst building sustainable capability.

Agile Business Consortium

The Agile Business Consortium is a global leader in promoting Business Agility, with unrivalled expertise in the field. A not-for-profit organisation, it pioneered Agile and continues to inspire new developments and support the professional development of our members through pathways of formal and informal learning and rigorous, independently validated certification. As the professional body for business agility, we provide access to: relevant, trustworthy, empirically validated content; a range of events and a network of like-minded professionals.


We want to fundamentally change the way that people engage, whether that’s between an employer and their employees or an organisation and its customers. It’s what we’re passionate about and why we get up in the morning and come to work, excited about what we’ve built and who we’ll meet. Our Neurotech® platform combines neuroscience with technology and data to deliver insights that simply haven’t been made available to business before. Now we want to bring our innovations to you.

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