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Cherie Silas, Influence without Authority, Agile World News Better English s04 e09
Agile World Better English Season 4

Influence without Authority, Agile World Better English s04 e10

How do you influence without authority? Influence comes in many different forms and is not the same as authority. Transformation requires winning the hearts and minds of others and this is only done through creating a common vision for a better world and influencing those around you. Cherie Silas joins Agile World Better English to discuss how to influence organizations when you don’t have authority. As an Agile Coach, Founder of Tandem Coaching, and an amazing trainer for Scrum Alliance, Cherie Silas has helped many organizations transform to better ways of working.

Cherie explains how if you value, honor, and partner with your customers, clients, and people around you, leadership and influence, with or without authority, come naturally.

Cherie Silas is an ICF Credentialed Master Certified Coach (MCC) and a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Certified Team Coach (CTC) with Scrum Alliance.

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