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Agile World Wellness Season 5

Briani Claggett, Wellness Yoga to Fortify Immunity

Come learn about wellness yoga as Briani Claggett chats with Sabrina E. Bruce and Steve Moubray.  You’ll love learning about Briani’s passion before she walks us through a 10-minute exercise that can be practiced at your desk, any time you feel the need.

Over the past 7 years, Briani has built a yoga practice and teaching style that is uniquely her own. A dance injury is what originally prompted her to pick up a yoga mat, so naturally, elements of flow & expression are woven into her teaching style. And as one who’s always questioning & rebelling against limitations, she gently encourages her students to play on the edge of what’s currently comfortable & possible for them.

Briani has completed two 200-hour yoga teacher trainings. Her first in Nicaragua with Meghan Currie, whose sensual and dance-like yoga practice captivated and inspired Briani to commit to yoga as a healing practice. And the other was in her hometown of Gaithersburg Maryland, where she was part of the thriving yoga community at Life Time Athletic.

Briani currently lives in Baltimore, where she’s living out her desire to help her community connect more deeply with their bodies, with Nature, and with each other. She practices at Authentic Yoga Studios and other local studios. You can find more of Briani’s work- including info about her upcoming online video series launch- on Instagram @nurhythms.

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