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Poornima and Srikara on Agile World Indie
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Agile Shaala on Agile World Indie

We at Agile World Indie, Jatin Sanghavi and Jayshree Nair had a opportunity to connect with Dr. Poornima and Srikara who have an institute called Agileshala. Agile shaala is a place where students of all age group experience the joy of learning. Here they believe that learning is for life . They cultivate and nurture curiosity, instil applied thinking and logical reasoning. The students get ready for not only academic exams but are trained to fare well in the real exam called ” life”.

Poornima and Srikara have used Agile(scrum) to empower students to acquire the knowledge, values and skills that will support them, as life-long learners, to participate in and contribute towards a sustainable world. Their mission is to use Agile to foster an enthusiastic, creative community of leaders who will contribute to the intellectual, emotional and economic upliftment of society.

POORNIMA V, Co-founder, Managing Director
A holistic educator and researcher practising innovation and creative pedagogy. She has her doctorate from IIT Madras, Chennai and has several years of experience in research and education. Recipient of many national fellowships and awards, Poornima is interested in bringing about a change in the way we learn. ‘Learn how to learn’ is the motto of all her workshops. She has expertise in developing learning and teaching strategies and activities to make learning fun, joyful leading to better conceptual clarity and applied thinking. She has been an academic topper in her graduate and post graduate studies and one of those lucky ones to have received three gold medals from Dr. Abdul Kalam!! LinkedIn:

SRIKARA MAHISHI, Co-founder, Chief learning officer
A multifaceted personality with skills in engineering and cultural aspects along with proficiency in languages. He studied mechanical engineering at PESIT, Bengaluru and Masters in Automotive Engineering at ESTACA, Paris, France. He has worked as a CFD engineer for 13 yrs out of which he spent 9 yrs working at Mercedez Benz R&D India. With exposure to learning in prestigious institutions in India and Europe, he brings a vast experience in integrating engineering concepts into education early on. He loves languages and can speak around 8 languages.

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