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The brand new Agile Contract Manifesto is out… join us in a thought-provoking conversation with 4 of its creators!

‘No one can stop the idea, whose time has come’. A few like-minded thought leaders, active in the agile delivery and sourcing came together and created the Agile Contract Manifesto, which has recently seen the light of day.

Join us in a thought-provoking conversation with 4 of its creators! Why did they think there was a need for such a publication, who are the creators, and how did they make it happen? And how do the Values and Principles come to life?

  • Tangible outcomes more than specified deliverables
  • Clarity and simplicity more than complexity and completeness
  • Adaptive partnerships more than static relationships
  • Joint ownership more than risk-driven accountability

Do you need more? Do you want to connect with the creators? Do you want to support the initiative, do so by signing it?

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