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Minaxi Punjabi Co-host
Agile World Co-host Content Creator Volunteer

Minaxi Punjabi Co-host

Minaxi Punjabi Co-hostMinaxi Punjabi co-host and content creator for Agile World News,  Agile World Publishing and volunteer at the Agile World nonprofit organisation. Minaxi Punjabi is a multifaceted, professional services leader with 16+ years of experience. She has led Agile Teams at several US Federal Agencies, established and nurtured Agile communities of practice and Agile Center of Excellence for Organizations resulting in delivering impactful outcomes consistently. She is a co-creative-leader and community builder. She is currently serving Agile 2022 on the Enriching Organizations Track amongst her many other volunteering commitments.

As a lifelong learner of the disciplines of neuroscience and anthropology she uses her coaching competencies to bring about a strong collaboration within team members of diverse strengths to collectively deliver value incrementally. Her way of working is going to the Gemba before making any presumptions and recommendations for change. This has resulted in her successfully implementing change for adoption and use, impacting and improving metrics across the board for the business, people, processes, and technology involved.

She practices empowering individuals to self-organize into teams via facilitating and coaching. She has created spaces of trust for conflict resolution, open dialog and discussions leading to healthy collaborations and alignment of values.

Her expertise in current-state and gap-analysis across value streams and business process re-engineering is a huge asset whether it be for a value-added deliverables or major transformation.

Minaxi has an innate ability to perform comfortably in ambiguity, unpredictability, and experimental modes, which may entail much higher risk and need flexibility in approach with high situational awareness.

Minaxi Punjabi was recently featured in a wonderful Podcast From Organizations to Organisms, she is also a co-signatory of the Agnostic Agile Manifesto and serves meetups in the community to bring knowledge-leaders and their expertise to share with practitioners, just starting and/or at various levels of experience.

You can find Minaxi here.