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Cloé Berthiaume-Pouliot Agile World Co-host
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Cloé Berthiaume-Pouliot Co-host

Cloé Berthiaume-Pouliot Agile World Co-hostCloé Berthiaume-Pouliot Co-host of the French program Agile World . Cloé.sans.h fell into the pot of agility in 2018 when she suggested hiring an agile coach to revitalize the team for which she worked as a strategic advisor at Cirque du Soleil. For agilists, the team in question was not part of the IT world 😉

Back then, senior management kept shouting loud and clear that we needed to be more agile, and even more agile, to respond and adapt to change. But what exactly is “being agile”?

She discovered a work philosophy that put forward what she has always believed in as a team: collaboration, learning, communication, transparency and value creation. More than the method, it is the know-how that she now carries. Convinced that agility is found as much in the professional as in the personal world, she is inspired by this philosophy to use her creative spirit and organizational strength in the service of teams, their strategic development and the improvement of their performance.

From coordinating role to consulting role through project management, her professional career has allowed her to see how a successful organization depends on fulfilled teams and individuals.

Today it is with the company @Taago that she works as an organizational development consultant; it creates and facilitates dynamic and collaborative spaces by supporting teams to strive for greater cohesion, effective communication and continuous improvement. His active listening, his capacity for synthesis and his questions which make progress contribute to create environments where meaning, authenticity and putting into action reign.