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Agile Transformation Book by co host Karl Smith on Amazon

Today the co host of Agile World published his long awaited tell all guide on how to do an Agile Transformation.

The book is not theories but real consultancy refined by the experience of working in enterprises with both business and technology leadership. It is aimed at decision makers and to everyone who has started or is about to start an Agile Transformation.

After opening Pandora’s Box no one expects it to be published.

Excerpt from 5.2 Agile Transformation Benefits Packages

Exact returns on investment are difficult to stipulate without a scope definition however there are a number of themes.

  • Increased throughput of value creating work (up as much as 60% optimal being 95%) as unplanned work is revealed and dramatically reduced (down as much as 60% optimal being 95%)
  • Increased visibility at executive leadership level with new capacity to refocus the entire organisation every three months
  • Operational measurement of all work to indicate blockages in the flow of work to provide continuous improvements
  • Operational flexibility as the focus moves to skills and teams over time served and individual roles
  • Staff galvanization and focus as pay and rewards become team-based assessments and transparent
  • Daily risk awareness, status and management for the whole enterprise
  • Flattened hierarchy as management becomes systemic by pull rather than push (though self-organising workflows) giving a 10% to 40% FTE reduction of management and increasing the producer to non-producer ratio (it is essential to see that this is a by-product and not the reason for Agile Transformation else it leads to compromising Organise the Work and will cause Failure).

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