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Erin Randall, Agile in the Academy
Agile World Better English Season 4

Erin Randall, Agile in the Academy, Agile World News s04 e12

Erin Randall discusses “Agile in the Academy” to help education and research organizations deliver proposed results after getting grants. What do you do once you’ve received a research grant? Hopefully, you manage the money and deliver on the proposed milestones. Erin applies agile coaching practices to help organizations navigate the deliveries and stay on track.
While Agile in the Academy is the focus of this discussion, the chat actually starts with organizing a group of powerful women to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro and continues with many fun-filled facts and adventures.

Where is Erin and Agile in the Academy?

  • Ad Meliora Coaching– If you have questions about coaching or mentoring or are just looking to chat, Erin keeps a Connect session on her site for just that purpose. Feel free to book a session for the time that works for you.
  • Magnesium–This will be going live on my website in another month, but if someone is interested, they can connect with me through my website and I’ll be happy to put them on the list.
  • LinkedIn––Yep, I’m all over LinkedIn, and am always happy to connect with people there.

Servant leader, Erin hosts some amazing Agile Coaching Circle meetups (these are listed on Meetup). People are welcome to attend whatever circle works for them, regardless of their physical location.


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