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What is a Agile Coach?
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What is an Agile Coach?

Cynthia, Sabrina and Bel frankly tackle the topics you should be having with an Agile Coach, but probably aren’t. Have a laugh with your coffee as they put a sassy spin yet another Agile topic.
Today’s show focuses on the role of an Agile Coach. In many of their real life chats, the girls find that people are confused about the difference between an Agile Coach, a Business Coach, and a Project Management Consultant. Ugh! No wonder Agile Coaches are so misunderstood!
The girls reveal answers to the age old questions:
  1. What is an Agile Coach and what is their role?
  2. When is the right time to consider hiring an Agile Coach and how can they potentially help my organization?
  3. If I want one, how do I find the right one?
Feel free to get in contact with Sabrina, Cynthia and Bel through their LinkedIn Channel if you want more information or to be on the show. 

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