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State of Agile Culture Report 2022
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State of Agile Culture Report with JCURV and the Agile Business Consortium

Agile World Hosts Sabrina C E Noto and Karl A L Smith meet with JCURV and the Agile Business Consortium to talk through the finding from the now released “State of Agile Culture Report ” report.

Vikram Jain. Payal Jain, Katie Taylor,Ben Beavers and Emily Ruffle talk through the surprises, the changes in Leadership and their own take on what they feel needs to change in the world of Agility based upon the survey and reports.

We don’t want to let any secrets out but this is one to watch.

What’s your take on the outcomes?

State of Agile Culture Report

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Panel Discussion: The Second Annual State of Agile Culture Report

Join us for our interactive panel discussion on the learnings from the 2nd Annual State of Agile Culture report.

JCURV, Truthsayers, and the Agile Business Consortium have joined forces to produce the State of Agile Culture report, the largest research project of its kind. Join us and leading industry thought leaders as we explore the key themes for 2022.

  • Delve deeper into the report findings
  • Learn from industry leaders
  • Get the opportunity to share and learn from others


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