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Interviewing Cynthia Kahn on Agile World S3 E5
Agile World in English Season 3

Agile World with Cynthia Kahn S3 E5

Interviewing Cynthia Kahn on Agile World with our hosts Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith about her Agile Journey.
Interviewing Cynthia Kahn shows she applies Agile practices to deliver results more quickly and increase profits.
  • Seasoned agile coach, scrum master, product owner, project manager and program manager.
  • Applies entrepreneurial mindset to quickly organize teams, focus on near term and speed up product delivery.
  • Transitions teams to agile and coaches existing agile teams to improve scrum practices and shorten lifecycle.
  • Specializes in software products, application development and web B2B and B2C.
  • Author of GSD Scrum Handbook and GSD Scrum in 1 Day workshop.
  • TEDx speaker: Apply Agile Practices in Your Life and Be Happier
Agile World magazine show with Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl Smith on YouTube. Agile World is a spin off from the The Agile20Reflect Festival now called Access Agile and affirms its commitment to a Global Agile Community.
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Agile World has been born out of a new movement in Agile. It is focused towards people being part of a global community. It is about Agile in all its different flavours being a benefit to humanity in every area of life.