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Agile Sales with Joe Budzinski on Agile World
Agile World in English Season 8

Agile Sales with Joe Budzinski on Agile World

Our Agile World hosts Sabrina C E Bruce and Karl A L Smith discusses how sales teams at the enterprise level are adopting agile practices, and using collaboration software to revolutionise structured feedback systems and drive profitability with Joe Budzinski.

Joe Budzinsk is a results-oriented, Agile-focused team player with a demonstrated record of successfully helping organizations leverage software and hardware adjacencies to improve performance.

As a sales professional my goal is to consistently achieve sales quota by executing an overall sales strategy that meets corporate objectives of sales and revenue growth year-over-year. I also have a proven track record as a manager of hiring and developing top performing sales representatives assigned to my team to ensure success across multiple brands of software sales.

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